Firefighting & Fire Suppression Foam Products

US Foam manufacturers a variety of foams for use in fighting Class A and Class B fires. We also have foams designed for decontamination and for fighting mold too.

Class A Foams

Designed for fighting Class A fires, including structural fires, forest and wild land fires, landfill fires and tire fires. Our Class A Foams include First Strike Class A, US Foam Wetting Agent, and the US Foam High Expansion Foam.

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Class B Foams

Our Class B Foams are designed for use on non-polar hydrocarbon hazards. Available in three different concentrations (1%, 3% and 6%) our foams provide excellent control and extinguishment of Class B fires by spreading a vapor-sealing film over the liquid fuel.

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Class AB Foams

Our AB Foam is a multi-purpose foam designed for use on a wide range of Class A and Class B fires and can be used with standard foam equipment and with fresh, sea and even brackish water.

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Class ATC (AR)/ AFFF Foams

US Foam ATC (AR)/AFFF foam is a versatile foam designed for use in a wide variety of foam application devices including foam chambers, forcing foam makers and aspirating foam nozzles to put out mine fires.

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ATC Decon

Our specialized Decon foams is specifically designed to kill weapon-grade biological material and neutralize all weapon grade chemical material to a manageable level in various types of mine fires.

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